(Odd) Glimpses of China

Here’s some (just some) strange stuff about China.

  • Primary school, middle school, high school and university freshmen – both boys and girls – have to train as soldiers for the first three weeks of the academic year.

  • Chinese people like country borders very much.

  • When you’ll notice chinese metabolism you’ll wish you were chinese – you’d eat ten times a day without gaining weight.

  • Chinese newborn goals: walk, speak, bargain.

  • Hot water nurses every disease. As well as the famous chinese medicine, that takes a bit longer – in three or four months your cold will be over.

  • Subways and basements are wonderlands for every food- and shopaholic.

  • Everyone who works in a school is called teacheroshī 老师 –, even the guy who cleans the toilets.

  • Chinglish. Just… Chinglish.

  • Some foreign multinational corporations have chinese names, but also keep their original names and they even write them on shops and advertisments. But no one understands you if you say “Walmart” instead of “Wò’ěrmă”.

  • Every western foreigner is either Russian or American. Other countries don’t exist.

  • Books are sold in their cellophane packaging. (How do you think I would buy a book if I can’t check if it’s well written?)

  • There are 1Y coins and 1Y banknotes, but most cities use either coins or banknotes.

  • China is as big as Europe, but there is only one time zone. Think about the China – Tajikistan border and its three hours difference.

  • Train stations are like airports, with check-in counters, gates and huge waiting lounges.

  • People sleep everywhere. Literally.

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