When it comes to time, I believe something made us forget its value. Somehow we started wanting everything immediately (and Queen are not to blame for this. Please get this one, and Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll), we forgot it takes time and dedication to get what really matters, to reach our goals, to build a relationship, to make our life what we want it to be. Something made us generally lazy. We might be the most active people, but we still are lazy. We are lazy when it comes to what really matters – that’s not our job, university or workout, but the childhood dream we are still following, or the perfect life we used to plan (and still do) but we don’t have time.

We have the time. We have all the time of our life. But it takes time, it requires time – and hard work –, and it requires time now, because when we will have a regular job and a regular salary, when we will be on holiday and have nothing to do, when we will settle… Well, this might take all life long, and soon it will be too late.


One thought on “Time

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