I’m studying abroad. Just… Studying abroad.

Leaving when you’re a teenager or in your early twenties for months is definitely a big deal, and a voice in your mind will keep asking “Will I be up to it? Will it be worth the money and the efforts? Is it the best thing I could do now?” months before you leave, and months after, too. For me, that voice was so small I was barely aware of its existence, but leaving home to study abroad is not the same for everyone, and not that easy, too.

If you are having hard times in deciding whether to go or not, or you are about to leave and freaking out, I suggest you to watch this video, and listen to the message this girl, Claudia Ceddia, has for you. I couldn’t say that in a better way.

Just remember: studying abroad is always worth the money and the effort, and the pre-departure doubts, the fear you will feel right before going through the security check, the sadness of saying goodbye to your family, and everything else you will face before, during and after this experience.


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