How being Italian really feels like

  • Nothing is more important than food.

  • You were born, grew up and live surrounded by beauty, and sometimes you don’t even realize it.

  • Northern people hate southern people. Southern people hate northern people. You hate people from the town next to yours and often from different neighborhoods in your own town, too. But every four years the World Cup takes place – and everyone knows which World Cup I am talking about.

  • When you go abroad it takes only few days to miss Italy as you would miss your mum.

  • The dilemma of saving humanity by putting a bidet in every bathroom of the world and the embarrassment of explaining its usage to foreigners. (I won’t explain how to use it, check out Google for more information).

  • The pain of going abroad and discovering that aperitivo is not a worldwide custom.

  • Pizza at least once a week. One per person, obviously. No exceptions.

  • Pasta everyday (you won’t believe how many kinds of pasta and sauces exist).

  • You wonder why the hell foreigners think “Pizza, pasta, mandolino”. Is there anyone who actually plays mandolino?

  • Bathing within (at least) 3 hours after eating will cause your immediate death.

  • France has to give us Mona Lisa back. 2006 World Cup is not a payment.

    Pictures: Thanks to Wikimedia Commons


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