Confessions on a 31st December on the road

Another year’s over. Usually I’m not the kind of person that takes inventory of things done throughout the year, but 2016 has been a great time for me and, despite people saying it has been the worst year ever, I’m not that ready for 2017 to begin – though it forewarns to be another great period.

I’m going back home by one three “beautiful” italian regional trains, surrounded by many young people with their backpacks, and I consider it a good omen for 2017. My route today goes through Pianura Padana – not Italy’s best “train landscape”, but I’m happy with it. As the train leaves Milan, its modern buildings and varying humanity, I think about… I don’t know how to call it actually, I’d like to explain it instead.

This morning I left Somma Lombardo – that’s the town where Malpensa airport, maybe the biggest airport in Italy, is. It’s pretty funny. I have been dreaming about travelling the world for months, soon I will leave Italy again from that particular airport, and I am longing for that. It’s pretty an obsession right now, I just can’t stop thinking about it. But, not for the first time this autumn, I’m leaving Somma Lombardo by train leading home and not by plane leading somewhere else.

But I believe in the backpackers sitting just some seats away from me.


As I said before, I’m not really ready for 2017 to begin. If two years ago someone told me “In 2016 you are going to meet people from all over the world, visit places you didn’t know even existed, see something unbelievable [不可思议, my dear collectingpages]” I wouldn’t have trust them. If, then, they said “In 2016 you are going to see two of your dreams starting to become true”, I would have laughed in his face. But that’s exactly what happened, and what is happening right now.

In 2016 I learned something about dreams. I learned that the famous words Never give up on your dreams are true, in the end. Some months ago I thought it’s just a set phrase, but now I changed my mind. Dreams do come true. It only takes its time, and it could take all life long; what you have to do is to never give up.

But I also learned sometimes you have to let it go. It took me two major crushes that would never have become something more to realize it – hopefully I know it better now. And this applies to dreams, too. There’s a time for dreams and life goals, and a time for something else. Unfortunately, there’s a time when priorities are not dreams and life goals. What’s really  important is to never quit them, because who knows?, in some months, in some years you will have that chance again.

I wish everyone of you a 2017 full of planes, trains, worn out shoes and moments.


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