The pleasure of getting lost

If you don’t consider getting lost as the best thing that could happen to your trip, we probably couldn’t get on with each other. I suppose it’s genetic for me: my mum aways gets lost, and she has been showing me how much fun it is since I was a child, when she drove dirt roads in deep countryside in Sicily, the night approaching, no gas stations and almost no one to whom ask directions.

Maybe that one wasn’t very interesting, but getting lost in beautiful towns and far away countries can really make your trip unforgettable: you could have the chance to be a pioneer and discover something you didn’t even imagine existed – and it’s worth the struggle, isn’t it?

Getting lost is always an adventure, and it always brings something good, maybe even better than you expected. I discovered by chance the United World Colleges, the real Shanghai (no tourists, messy shops, and a street market where they killed an eel in front of us), a route in the wild nature in Dandong, China, and lots more. I didn’t expected to find any of these things, and I wouldn’t have find them if I didn’t get lost – that’s why we shouldn’t worry too much when things don’t go as expected in life.

Featured image: Thanks to Ronald Carlson.


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