Recruitment Day – What’s the most important thing in your town?

Wednesday, 19/10/2016

Yesterday I did my interviews with Disney and Patina Restaurant Group.

Do you remember how I felt few days ago? Forget that. Now I feel completely self-confident about my skill and competences and myself. Let me tell you how was the Recruitment Day. In three words: interesting, funny and self-improving.

When I arrived there I was pretty nervous. I felt more confident than the previous days, but I was aware I didn’t “study” the information as much as I should have done. The way I was dressed didn’t help that much – I didn’t feel comfortable in wearing a formal tailleur and heels (but I better get used to it, as I will have to dress like that all life long. Maybe.). But then I spoke with some of my “collegues”, and everyone was nervous and excited, too, and I also met a girl who felt the same way about the dress code. The first thing I saw on my seat made me happy: two sheets with some explanations about medical insurance, what to bring to Orlando, housing eccetera. So they were treating us as we all already were about to leave to Epcot. Nice try, guys, but don’t you expect me to feel less nervous.

We assisted a two hours presentation of Disney (and I also got an hat because I said that there’s a Disney Resort in Shanghai) and Patina Restaurant Group. My thoughts about those companies were already very good, but the presentation gave me even a better impression. The recruiters were so proud about their work and companies they made me think “I want to work there so bad”, and we all got the most important things about the program: unique experience, very hard work, and a role in something magic. They explained how we will all be equal members of a team, how much important is the Disney Look and how much they expect from us, but also what we will get from working with (with, not for) them and living there. My impression was, it will be so serious, but it will be a kind of a game. They expect so much from us, but at the same time they won’t get (too) angry if something goes wrong, they will teach us how to do it the best way instead.


After the presentation I had lunch with some nice, funny and dedicate candidates – we got to know each other and we started planning dreamt about our life there (Who will bring the moka pot? Where are we going with our rented minibus and who’s driving it? What are we cooking for Christmas?) – because they already told us that we will go there… Of course not.

Then we came back for the two interviews – one with a Disney recruiter, one with a Patina recuiter. I was nervous, but not as much as I expected. I was confident about myself, and talking and laughing with the Big Boss made me more relaxed, despite his strict looking – the impression I got is he just wants him and us to be good collegues.

After more or less half an hour I had the first interview, and 15 minutes later I was done. Both interviews were much more relaxed than I expected – there really isn’t nothing to worry about. Now I just have to wait: in two or three weeks they will send me the results, and then… We’ll see.

The recruitment was so amazing I had to celebrate it, so I went to Palazzo Reale, next to Milan’s Duomo, to visit Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro exhibition (I finally saw the real Big Wave of Kanagawa) and I had dinner at a sushi reastaurant. You’d like to know why I celebrated a recruitment without knowing the result?

The Recruitment Day taught me something – real self-confidence. It taught me how important I am, how much I can give to others, how much I can do. Just imagine how much I will learn in a year time if I learnt self-confidence in a couple of hours…

Featured image: thanks to gullah.


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