Countdowning, drawing up a bucket list, and freaking out

Sunday, 05/03/2017

It’s getting real! In few days I will be on a plane to Orlando, Florida. Just can’t wait!

They told me the departure date months ago, but I believe in procrastination and I still have plenty to do: buy stuff, pack my suitcase, tidy my room (that’s the worst, guys!), print some documents, organize ultima cena (a huge dinner whose Italian name sounds like “the Last Supper”), meeting my friends and relatives one last time and something else I don’t remember right now – at least I got my third visa stamped on the passport, and it feels damn cool.

I read tons of blogs and watched lots of videos about technical stuff (what to bring, apartment rents…), but I refuse to get information on life over there, Orlando and Disneyworld spots, festivals et cetera, because I love new places and new lifestyles to amaze me – will the super-western USA surprise me after China, or will it look like a familiar place? That’s what I really can’t wait to discover. I just have a Cultural Representative Program bucket list:

  1. ride every attraction in Walt Disney World;
  2. explore Orlando;
  3. visit Hogwarts castle at Universal Orlando Resort;
  4. √ sing aloud while riding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster;
  5. visit every country in the World Showcase at Epcot;
  6. √ eat pizza with pineapple (shame on me!);
  7. visit a friend in Navarre Beach, Florida;
  8. visit Cape Canaveral;
  9. √ watch fireworks in each park;
  10. √ visit Celebration;
  11. visit Miami;
  12. watching a Cirque du Soleil show in Disney Springs;
  13. √ eating in at least one Disney table service;
  14. Ice Cream Sink challenge.

I bet this list will get longer and longer once I’ll be there.

And I’m getting pretty scared, but it’s just the pre-departure panic. And the panic of moving somewhere new I know nothing about. And the panic of parting from my people. Even if I know I shouldn’t worry, not that much. I don’t want to focus on the downside of departure, but recently I got crazy on The Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight and the second line just perfectly fits the moment.

You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth.

Time to leave. Time to grow up, but not to grow old.

Please, let me skip these six days!


3 thoughts on “Countdowning, drawing up a bucket list, and freaking out

      1. Always a Foreigner

        My mom used to always order it when we were little and I thought it was very strange too. Until I tried it, and fell in love with the sweet taste coupled in with the cheese and tomatoes!


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