Week 1 – Let the magic begin!

Sunday, 19/03/2017

Hello from Orlando, Florida!

I’m officially a Cast Member in Italian Pavillion at Epcot! I barely realized I’m really here – I should be more excited after years of dreaming about it, I suppose, but these days have been so busy and interesting I wasn’t able to think about that that, and this place feels almost like home.

What I did this week is basically going to Walmart (hate it!) and participating in meetings with Housing, Disney and Patina Group. I wish I explored a little bit more (I didn’t go to my residence swimming pool yet!), but free time is very few and it takes pretty long bus rides to reach the parks – Orlando is so big, despite the small population. But what really thrills me is being part of Disney family: besides the sense of belonging given by the nametag everyone holds, everyone is so friendly and kind, especially with other Cast Members – it’s amazing how the security, bus drivers, cashiers, managers and everyone else treat you as a sister when you tell them you work for Disney, too.


Disney University

And what about the place?

Since in Florida there are no mountains and hills the sky is so wide, but I already saw something similar in Finland, so it didn’t surprise me as the number of palms and the amount of sand on the ground did. It’s very quiet in the suburbs; I don’t know about weekdays, but Friday and Saturday night the city center is crazy – the streets are blocked and there’s plenty of people partying around and in pubs and clubs (last week Paris Hilton was there!) in a way I couldn’t even imagine and I can’t really explain – let’s just say it’s crazyI’ll be back to check it in quieter days.

A highlight of what happened to me these days:

  • I share an apartment with a Mexican and four Japanese.
  • I saw an alligator about 10 meters from a busy road.
  • I almost went to a free Simple Plan concert.
  • I hugged the senior Cast Member who taught us Disney Traditions for a couple of hours and it felt like hugging a relative.
  • I spoke with a random handsome guy from California at the bus stop.
  • I saw Wishes, the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, and I almost cried.

Pretty magical, isn’t it? And it’s going to be even more exciting.


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