(Odd) Glimpses of USA

Here’s some (just some) strange stuff about USA, Florida in particular.

  • Taps just don’t seem to work as they do in the rest of the world: hot water and long jet or cold water and short jet – and burns if you aren’t used to it.
  • Every meadow and flowerbed is perfectly well-finished. Anytime.
  • Multicolour licence plates do exist in the real world, not only in movies and TV series. And most vehicles don’t have the front one.
  • There are housing complexes everywhere.
  • There is peanut butter everywhere.
  • There is cinnamon pretty everywhere.
  • Apparently, you can overtake on the right while driving.
  • Tipping at restaurants not less than 18% of the check is almost a law.
  • Pizza with salami is referred as Pepperoni. Americans clearly don’t know that peperoni (single P) means “peppers”.
  • You can rent (I suppose) someone to fly a plane to write messages in the skies – and they are more likely to be catholic propaganda than marriage proposals.
  • Public trasport sucks and you can’t live without Uber.
  • Disney parks, supermarkets and other places rent small carts for people not willing to walk around.
  • Cotton candy is sold in glass jars.
  • How are you? doesn’t necessarily mean How are you?.
  • The true USA national anthem is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.
  • Canned tuna under water is much more widespread than canned tuna under olive oil, and I really can’t understand why.
  • Because of taxes, the price of things is never what you’re going to pay at the register.

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