Week ?? – (Finally) Acclimatization, exciting changes and late night small talks

Sunday, 14/05/2017

What’s going on down here in USA Orlando Disney?

I’ve been in Orlando for two months now. It feels forever just before starting a shift, or ending up with nothing to do the night before a day off, or when I’d die to go somewhere else and to do something different, but I don’t have time nor money (and I thought Italy was expensive). But it feels like my flight landed yesterday when I chat with my roomies for centuries and I fall asleep thinking of how different we are and nevertheless we get along, when I discover (over and over again) there’s still so much to explore here, and also when I think about my future plans and I kick myself because I want to move on so bad.

I’m finally getting used to my life here, and I’m gradually realizing that no experience will be like China again, so I better stop feeling sad and lonely because I don’t have times and friends as good as the ones I had there, and start really enjoying my time here (my free time, because the job I’m doing doesn’t suit me and I don’t suit the job – I’m not doing that bad though). This will be different and unique in its way. It’s very important you keep this in mind if you’d like to apply to a Disney International Program because you’d like to live an “international” experience again: it won’t be the same.

Something interesting has been going on lately: a new group of italians arrived a week ago, and that means I am a little bit closer to work in the restaurant (I’ve been working at the gelato kiosk so far, and I will for at least one more month, maybe two), which is my aim here: this week I’ll have my first training at the bread station – not that exciting, but still a step forward. I don’t feel as lonely as I felt before before: we don’t meet everyday, but my Italian mates are becoming an actual family to me, as well as my flatmates. And, even if I still don’t feel super excited of being here (that’s so odd!), it is undoubtedly interesting: lately I’ve been to Starlit Splash, the super cool Cast Members party in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, I ate a massive American breakfast and a huge cheesecake milkshake in Citywalk, enjoyed a conversation between two male friends on what they think of women (very interesting, since it turned out to be basically what women think of men), I watched the last Wishes show, as well as keep honouring the late night swimming pool/table tennis appointment with my Italian friends. Nothing that exciting – I didn’t go anywhere that’s not in Orlando yet -, but, as my mum and my friend collectingpages said, maybe it requires time. The problem is, here time flies damn fast.


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