Before leaving for Orlando I read that Epcot, where I would be working in, is considered the less exciting among Disneyworld parks. Imagine my disappointment… And the relief when I discovered that’s not true.

Epcot is not the most exciting park (Animal Kingdom definitely is), but it’s maybe the most peculiar with Future World area, devoted to science and technology, and most of all the beautiful World Showcase Lagoon and its 11 pavilions, each of them representing a different country – Canada, UK, France, Morocco, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.

Most attractions are situated in Future World, but they aren’t what you’ll really love about Epcot: you’ll love discovering the potentiality of science and how it could shape our world and life in the future, and tasting awsome sodas from around the world, and reaching far east Asia by foot, looking for hidden Disney characters in the most unimaginable corners of each pavilion, and enjoying the most popular activity in Epcot – Drinkin’ Around The World, which I hope to transform in Eatin’ Around The World before going back to Italy.






Spots worth going back to: UK, Japan, Mexico – ok, every pavilion except Italy

Worthwhile activities: Drinkin’ Around The World, Flower and Garden Festival (February – May) and Food and Wine Festival (August – November), weekly concerts at America Gardens Theatre



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