On Miami South Beach, and why it is crazy

This is in my Disney Bucket List! Check it out to discover my adventures as Cultural Representative!

Miami is the most famous city in Florida and probably one of the most popular places in the US – even more popular than Disneyworld. You can find beautiful beaches, crazy parties and high skyscrapers in the same place – who wouldn’t wish to go there?

Speaking the truth, when I left for Orlando I didn’t feel the urge of visiting Miami: big cities, especially “party” cities, just aren’t my ideal place. But I am in Orlando only once in a lifetime and obviously I would have regretted not going there (it’s just 3 or 4 hours from where I live).

There, at the end of a night trip in a very uncomfortable bus, there was South Beach, its tons of italian restaurant and people, its big waves, its white-ish sand, and its crazyness.



“In Miami you party until noon” a Uber driver told us, but that’s not true: you party 24/7. South Beach is made of pubs, restaurants and clubs, loud music, daring performances at 3 PM, and people enjoying it, or sipping coconut milk directly from the coconut – a must do while in South Beach. It might sound bizarre, but what struck me walking on Ocean Drive, the seafront road (that I awaited to visit because of my addiction to Yellowcard), was how much South Beach and Riviera Romagnola, a coastal region in Italy, look alike – South Beach is just more… Extreme.

I wish there was something more to tell about it (it’s Miami I am writing about), but that’s it – until I’ll go back to visit Downtown, its skyscrapers and graffiti and Little Havana. In the meantime, if you plan going to South Beach make sure to have breakfast in an italian café, to not forget your sunscreen and to enjoy the waves!



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