My mexican family – People you meet on the road

It takes people to make the dream a reality. – Walt Disney

The road is made of places and knowledge, but it wouldn’t be so special without the people. Let me tell the heartwarming story of the people I met in Mexico City in April 2018…

Find the intruder!

I always said that, and I always will: the best travels are by far those where you have the opportunity of fully immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. It’s not as hard as it seems: I was lucky enough to experience the true lifestyle of people in China and even to stay with a local family in London, UK during a cultural exchange in high school, Koskenkorva, Finland with Lions Youth Exchange, and most recently in Mexico City, where I was kindly hosted by one of my Disney roommates and her family.

Did I ever mention how much I longed to visit Mexico, to discover mexican culture and how much I love Pixar’s Coco? Well, a lot, and with everyone (a.k.a. my roomie) telling me how well the movie reflects the typical mexican family, I was even more eager to go there. And the way I felt while I was their host turned out to be very similar to the feelings I got watching the adventures of Miguel and the Rivera family.

We’re going to spoil you said my roomie, and it turned out to be true. They gave me a place to stay in an unknown city, showed me around – the mum in particular spend with me almost every single moment of that week… Gracias! -, prepared special food and took me out to dinner in the most delicious restaurants (and street stalls!), let me always have the last word on what to do and where to go. Being hosted by a family you pretty much don’t know anything about isn’t always easy, and we also had some problems with the language since I don’t speak any spanish, but they made me feel welcomed as a daughter and a sister throughout the whole week, from the moment my roomie’s brother gave me an alegria (a mexican candy) five minutes after meeting me to the last farewell in the middle of the night.

They will be my mexican family forever – and this is what I talk about when I talk about mexican people and friends that stay friends forever (because they eat tacos together!).


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