Who’s ONE?


ONE’s real name is Giulia – and she proudly chose her nickname because of the goalkeeper role she used to perform in her handball team when she was a teenager.

She is italian, but she constantly dreams of going places – the more unusual, the better.

She lives on rock/alternative music and words. And on ice cream.

When she will retire from a long and glorious travel life she’ll work as a librarian on her ultimate mission of making people love reading.

She collects beautiful quotes, unusual places and public transportation tickets.

She wants to escape from her hometown (Caldogno in north-easter Italy), which also is her favourite place in the whole world.

She started her blog mainly to keep track of her travel stories, experiences and tips, re-read them and avoid losing them in the recesses of her mind, but you all are free to read them. Maybe they will entertain, help and inspire you, who knows. After all, aren’t stories meant for this?

If you look for her, you’ll find her in her bed with a book or her computer, wandering in the countryside, on her house’s roof, in a bookshop, on public transportation, on TwitterFacebook and at oneonlineblog@yahoo.com.