Mexico City: of colours and sounds

Mexico, Mexico... How can I tell about such a place in just few words? As you might know if you read my previous posts, I had been dreaming of going there for years, and living in Florida, base of a strong mexican community, and the Coco fever that pervaded Disneyworld, I was more eager than …

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Why is that a good thing if your italian boyfriend doesn’t tell you “I love you”

During a farewell party at Disney, a Japanese girl asked us why her Italian boyfriend, who she had been knowing for just few months, didn't tell her "I love you" yet. She was very worried, and she feared that he didn't like her for real. Explaining her the reason of his behaviour - which, for us Italian, was completely normal - wasn't easy, and translation is to blame.

-63 days and counting. Goodbyes, missing home, and planning the final trip

Hey everyone! It's been a while, lots has happened. Christmas, New Year's Eve, a trip to St. Augustine, a trip to Tampa, getting to know new people, becoming a food runner, beginning the server trainings, bonding more with my CRP squad, people leaving, people about to leave, countdowning again. And nothing of this was really …

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Walking the streets of Philadelphia

With everyone at my workplace travelling around the US, wanderlust completely got me. After years of hesitation, New York is finally among the highest places of my travel bucket list - but, being far too big and far too expensive for my current situation, my friends and I decided to take advantage of our two …

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