On the leaving-for-the-first-time panic

Here you are, ready. You won your scholarship, you got your job, you bought the tickets for your world tour lots of time ago, but it feels like yesterday because you had to tell everyone, fill in forms, get visas, plan, buy stuff. And now you are counting the days, the hours, the seconds left to the moment you will be on your way to the airport. You can’t sleep, you can’t help thinking about everything you did in the past months and wondering what is waiting for you. You keep on repeating your baggage list, thinking back to the last time you hugged your best friend, planning every single move you’ll do next morning, and in the end you force yourself to silently sing a lullaby because it’s 3:00 AM and the alarm clock will ring in three hours and you won’t be able to sleep until the day after tomorrow. But it’s useless, because this is not a holiday, this is your very first travel experience, you’ve been dreaming about it all life long and, to tell the truth, you’d like to go to the airport right now, no matter the waiting lounge boredom.