Marostica, town of medieval legends

Marostica is a small town near Bassano del Grappa in Veneto, about an hour from Venice. It's as quiet as an italian village in the countryside can be, it has a very nice centre and a beautiful landscape, as it features two castles - the Lower Castle, right in the main square, and the Upper …

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Sirmione: in the middle of Garda Lake

Garda Lake, between Veneto, Lombardia and Trentino-Alto Adige, is Italy's largest lake and one of its many hidden gems. Its coastline is pretty diverse with landscapes of Colli Lessini in the south and Alpi in the north, it has been a key town throughout italian history, it's not strange to see bathers and windsurfers, and …

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Why is that a good thing if your italian boyfriend doesn’t tell you “I love you”

During a farewell party at Disney, a Japanese girl asked us why her Italian boyfriend, who she had been knowing for just few months, didn't tell her "I love you" yet. She was very worried, and she feared that he didn't like her for real. Explaining her the reason of his behaviour - which, for us Italian, was completely normal - wasn't easy, and translation is to blame.